Trygghet för livet

It is when our stories twists and turns, in the magical and vulnerable moments of life, that insurances become truly relevant. Thats why Trygg-Hansa, an insurance company, wanted to capture those special moments and be present as it all unravel. From births to “I do’s” and driving license tests, Trygg-Hansa was there. Creating micro documentaries that are honest and true, celebrating life.

A real birth.
Aired on national TV

Trygg-Hansa was there when Loa was born. When Monika and Karl celebrated their love. When Markus got his driving’s license. And in many other moments in life – showing that they are someone to count on, however your life twists and turns.


Always there.

No matter what product or service Trygg-Hansa want to address, it’s done in an honest and intimate fashion. So when it’s time to talk about their animal insurance, we are there, documenting someone meeting their new best friend for the first time, or simply taking care of their cat.


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