Unlock to unbox

with Halebop

Crack the code with Halebop and be the first in Sweden to unbox the Samsung Galaxy S24.

The telecom provider Halebop wanted to do something special for the Swedish unboxing event of the Samsung Galaxy S24. So we decided that everyone should get the chance to be the unboxer. All you needed to do was to crack the phone’s code before everyone else.



One code to crack them all

One code, one phone – and more than hundredthousand attempts to crack it. Both live at the Mall of Scandinavia and online at the campaign site unlockunbox.se. We gave away hints on Halebop’s Instagram and Snapchat, which gave us thousands of new followers. After about 24 hours one lucky person managed to unlock the phone. Apparently, no code is safe if thousands of people try to crack it.


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