Dreaming of Europe

“Dreams of Europe” consists of 32 dreamy, 9 hours long, audio tracks with radio commentaries created for supporters of each of the teams that have qualified for the Swedish Cup. The commentaries were available to listen to on platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.We did so by creating a second screen app that encouraged users to vote in the moment with all their heart. And we mean that literally as well as figuratively. Users voted for their favourite act by pressing the heart symbol whenever they felt inspired to throughout a performance.

Football fans often dream about their teams making the final, Oddset took that one step further using artificial intelligence (AI)

John McCarthy, Opinion Editor, The Drum

32 teams X 9 hours
of football 


17,280 minutes of commentary

The audio tracks consist of commentators who refer to the upcoming matches for each team in the Swedish Cup, where each team wins the remaining six matches and makes it to European play. The service has been created using AI that has predicted the events in all the matches and generated detailed, play by play, radio commentaries of all match events, from the first match kickoff until the referee blows the final whistle.
The audio tracks were created by giving OpenAI’s GPT-3 the expected team lineups for each team’s six matches and instructions to write simulated commentaries. A total of 192 matches. Approximately 2.9 million words in total. About the same as in four Bible books. The texts were then interpreted by a text-to-speech synthesis, which generated 32 audio tracks. A total of 17,280 minutes (288 hours).

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