New concept:
A tribute to the simple sandwich

For countless years, Polarbröd has been a first choice on the breakfast tables of Sweden, and favored for a mid-day treat. However, the competition intensifies, and the bread market is becoming increasingly homogen; Nowadays almost every brand shows over-ambitious sandwiches brimming with toppings and promotes idyllic, but unattainable, picnic scenarios. 
What happened to the love of a simple sandwich? The beauty of Polarbröd lies in its simplicity - it is best savored with just butter, perhaps accompanied by a slice of cheese.
With our new concept, "Helt enkelt", we aim to pay homage to the simple sandwich. And make the celebration as grand as possible.


Polarbröd has a strong heritage in sustainability. Both in production, distribution and communication. In the concept ”Helt enkelt”, we take a broader approach to sustainability, through the celebration a more simple life.


A blue world

Visually, we chose to emphasize the blue color so often associated with Polarbröd and use it to its  fullest. This creates a distinctive and unique world, far from the competitors, where the simple sandwich are always the center piece. 


"We were looking for a communication concept and a language that feels like us at Polarbröd. Not complicating things unnecessarily is a bit of a Norrland way of looking at the world. It just needs to be good, simply. And it's okay to just grab a sandwich while waiting because you're starving or sometimes even instead of dinner. In addition, simplicity feels particularly relevant in times of economic uncertainty."

Jenny Jeppson, Marketing Area Manager at Polarbröd


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