Born on April fool's day, twenty years ago as a digital production company. Soon ranked amongst the top ten globally, creating world-class innovative campaigns. Transformed into a modern advertising agency ten years ago.

We’re in the business of Growing people and brands, with the overarching goal of being the highest-ranked place in the industry in people’s well-being.

Curiosity and change is in our DNA and the core of what we do is, and have always been, creativity.


Our latest evolvement is based on the belief that we can grow brands even more if we can amplify our ideas with smarter media strategies.

That’s why we’ve fused the principles of traditional media- and creative agencies into one. Together with Tre Kronor Media we have become Sweden’s first hybrid agency, where we  integrate the capabilities of brand- and media strategy, media planning, creativity, tech, and production. To reach higher effectiveness, marketing effects, and less shit in people’s feeds.

What is your unique offering?
A complete integrated toolbox for brand growth with one point of contact and seamless integration of creative, PR and media competencies in the teams. Putting those capabilities together with creativity at the core makes our offer unique.

There's a tremendous waste of efficiency in the processes and practices of old agency structures with separated creative and media agencies.
Business models that do not build engagement and proactivity. Content that is not created to be seen in the right channels. Analyses that gather dust and lessons that do not reach the right people for action or improvements.
What do you mean by being a hybrid agency?
Well, labels are a weird thing. And somehow we’ve always had problems finding the right label to put on us. We’re a creatively driven agency, always looking for new ways to generate even better business results for our clients. That’s why we early days integrated PR capabilities. And that’s why we have integrated the capabilities of traditional media agencies into our teams and offer. So, in the lack of a label of that kind of agency, the hybrid of creative and media agency, that’s the label we use.
What do I gain as a client by working with Perfect Fools pwrd by Tre Kronor Media?
  • A single point-of-contact. Simple and clear communication.
  • A dedicated and integrated team focused on the big picture with faster and more direct processes.
  • Integrated proactivity from both media and creative perspectives.
  • Efficiency in production where nothing unnecessary is produced.
  • A partner that assumes liability for the full marketing investment.
  • One analysis and conclusion for optimization and lessons learned for all activities.
  • A more data-driven approach that can demonstrate value creation for the entire marketing investment
What do you mean by pwrd by Tre Kronor Media?
We have partnered up with the media agency Tre Kronor Media to integrate everything needed to get reach and impact of the ideas we create.
The team at Perfect Fools consists of brand and media strategists, creatives and designers, PR specialists, tech people, and project management. They have direct access to all capabilities at Tre Kronor to power everything we do even more. This means that we will work with integrated strategies for brand and media, always to get the best possible idea for every media, and streamline production so nothing unnecessary is produced.
What do you mean by ‘Growing people and brands'?
We have sky-high ambitions, both for ourselves and the brands that we work with. Working in an industry where well-being has often been overshadowed by delivery, we have always chosen to put our people first. If everyone working at Perfect Fools feel good and have their driving forces fulfilled, they will perform the best and help our clients the best way possible. This is our absolute guiding principle.
What types of clients do you work with?
A perfect mix of big, small, long-term or project-based. B2C or B2B. We are incredibly flexible and have no prestige when it comes to different types of collaborations or projects. As long as there is mutual respect. We will never compromise on putting people first.
Why are you called Perfect Fools?
We were founded on April 1st...

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