A simple sandwich

for hard topics

To regularly spend time with children and talk about this and that is one of the most important factors in identifing signs of anxiety and bullying. Something as simple as eating a sandwich together in the kitchen can actually be the start of a deep conversation.

But it’s harder than ever to reach children and get them to socialize. To get through to them we have to do something on a platform and in a tonality they don’t expect from the boomers.

Together with Friends anti-bullying, Polarbröd created The Snackmackan initiative. A tool where anyone can send a personalized banger with an invitation to share a sandwich and talk.


800 personalized invitations

At snackmackan.se you fill in the name or nickname of the person you want to share a sandwich with. Choose music and a personalized song with the invitation to grab a sandwich and talk is generated! 


"Anyone who is a parent knows how difficult it can be to get children and teenagers to sit down and talk. We want to promote that simple snack. With the help of the sandwich, you can create a moment where there is more time to talk."

Jenny Jeppson, Marketing Area Manager at Polarbröd


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