In "Grönborg Live" we've digitally cloned Sweden's ice hockey head coach and equipped him with AI, writing a new chapter in TV history.

Together with our friends at Oddset we've launched the Youtube show "Grönborg Live", in which Sweden's national coach Rikard Grönborg has been transformed into a virtual sports anchor to report around the clock during the Ice Hockey World Championship in Bratislava. Hockey news, statistics, quizzes, advice on how to grow a "hockey-beard" and much more is included in the show, where the anchor tirelessly works 24/7 for over 400 hours straight.

Having Rikard over at our studio to capture and analyze his look, motion patterns and voice, we've created a virtual copy that sounds, looks, and moves like the original. Before the World Championship tournament, the virtual news anchor has been fed with 20 years of hockey data. Our developers have equipped the anchor with artificial intelligence to not only analyze the data, but also to update and optimize its own method to predict the results of the games. During the course of the tournament, the artificial intelligence will therefore use the results in the matches to learn and become better at drawing conclusions and making predictions. So far, his predictions have been over 80% accurate.