Tradingplatform IG creates a ring to immortalize the top traders’ annual graphs

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Trading platform IG wants to attract high-profile traders from Avanza and Nordnet. Therefore, they have recently started a competition where traders from all over the country compete to achieve the highest percentage return by the end of the year. Three winners will be awarded the Trading Ring, embossed with their annual graph.

The idea behind it comes from Perfect Fools, who saw an opportunity in the perception that the trading industry can be tough, and the professionals rarely meet. Inspired by other professional rings and societies, the ring will become a symbol of community, something that cannot be bought with money. The competition is planned to be a recurring event, and the number of winners awarded the Trading Ring will therefore increase every year.

Other trading platforms send out your annual summary digitally, and that's fun. But we wanted to take it to the next level and create a physical proof of your successful year. Something to talk about, says Jeremy Phang at Perfect Fools.

The ring has been developed in collaboration with master goldsmith and jewelry designer Kajsa ├ůman. The base ring is made of raw silver, and then the trading graph is punched out and embossed around the entire ring. The highest peak of the graph is decorated with a green emerald.

The result is an immortalized story of the year that has passed - with its highs and lows, wins, and losses.

Martin Andersson, Nordic CEO of IG Sweden, talks about the competition and emphasizes the fact that trading requires patience, skill, and up-to-date knowledge.

  • The traders who skillfully navigate these turbulent times have our greatest respect. The ring, embossed with the winner's personal annual graph, is intended to symbolize this expertise. It is a way for us to honor our customers, says Martin.

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