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Perfect Fools creates a groundbreaking update to a Swedish radio tradition: the Sea Report (Sjörapporten). For over a century, Sjörapporten has been broadcasted on radio to served as a compass for Swedes, both at sea and on land, with its unchanged format and familiar soothing voice acting as a balm during turbulent times. Now, in collaboration with the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC) at Skansen, Perfect Fools proudly presents a new version of this beloved radio classic.

"Sjörapporten Under the Surface" takes listeners below the sea's surface, offering a revealing account of the state of the Baltic Sea. This body of water, into which the freshwater from 14 countries drains and remains for a considerable time - approximately 30 years - is often compared to a bathtub. As Sweden enters the high summer season, when many feel a strong connection to our sparkling seas, the shores are bustling with visitors.

In response to this, BSSC, together with Perfect Fools, introduces an updated version of Sjörapporten. The revised report retains its traditional elements, like wind direction and water level updates, but expands to include information about the ocean's condition. Crucial data on overfishing and toxin levels are communicated in the same trustworthy and objective tone, but instead of lulling listeners to sleep, "Sjörapporten Under the Surface" aims to serve as a wake-up call.

Yvonne Nordlind, Marketing and Communications Manager at Skansen, explains, "It's said that people must care about something to want to preserve it. We believe that many throughout the country cherish our seas but lack sufficient knowledge about the alarming situation in the Baltic Sea and what can be done about it. This makes summer an especially crucial time for us – the ocean is already the center of attention for most. We hope the familiar radio format will encourage more people to acquaint themselves with the Baltic Sea. At Skansen, we welcome all visitors, from individuals to businesses and schools, to delve deep into the waters of the Baltic Sea."

"Sjörapporten Under the Surface" premieres on Skansen's digital channels and commercial radio on July 14th. The full version can be accessed at This new initiative is the brainchild of Perfect Fools for the Baltic Sea Science Center. BSSC at Skansen in Stockholm serves as a learning platform that includes aquariums, a cinema, and a lecture hall, all centered around the theme of the Baltic Sea.

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