Polarbröd launches new concept; a grand tribute to a simple sandwich.

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Cheese slices landing in slow motion on a Polarbröd bread that is then quickly sent into the microwave. This is what it can look like when Polarbröd launches its new concept "Helt enkelt" (Simply), together with its long-standing partner Perfect Fools. It is a teasing nod to the over-ambitious world of MasterChef and a tribute to the simplest things in everyday life.

It has been over two years since the fire at Polarbageriet and much of Polarbröd's communication since then has been about getting back on track. But for some time now, Polarbröd, together with Perfect Fools, which has been Polarbröd's agency partner since 2017, has been looking at the next step in communication. The bakery has long been up and running and the bread shelves are once again filled with Polarbröd's various products. What should Polarbröd talk about now?

"Before the fire, we focused a lot on highlighting our sustainability work. Something that is part of our corporate soul and is now a hygiene factor. We hope and believe that many know that we are at the forefront there, with our freezing method and that we draw electricity from our own wind farms, among other things," says Sophie Wassberg, Marketing Manager at Polarbröd.

Instead, the new concept focuses on something much more basic: lowering the demands of everyday life and enjoying a simple sandwich.

"We have long lived in an unreasonable performance time, where the one who cooks the most ambitious food wins. A dinner should preferably be prepared for days, a picnic is hardly worth offering if you haven't packed home-grown radishes and pea hummus. And even something as simple as a sandwich should be complicated by the contemporary obsession with aged cheeses and pickled vegetables. That's why it felt completely right to fight for the simple sandwich," says Desiré Engström at Perfect Fools.

The "Helt enkelt" concept takes visual inspiration from the MasterChef world. But instead of elaborate dishes, it is a simple sandwich with butter and maybe a slice of cheese that is elevated to the skies.

"We were looking for a communication concept and a language that feels like us at Polarbröd. Not complicating things unnecessarily is a bit of a Norrland way of looking at the world. It just needs to be good, simply. And it's okay to just grab a sandwich while waiting because you're starving or sometimes even instead of dinner. In addition, simplicity feels particularly relevant in times of economic uncertainty," says Jenny Jeppsson, Marketing Area Manager at Polarbröd.

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