Perfect Fools has developed an integrated advertising and media agency offering in collaboration with Tre Kronor Media.

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Advertising agency Perfect Fools and media agency Tre Kronor Media │ a Making Science Company are entering into a partnership to form an integrated hybrid agency under the Perfect Fools brand. This combination challenges the traditional division in the industry and aims to deliver even greater value to clients.

Perfect Fools, once one of the most awarded digital agencies in the world, has evolved in recent years to become a leading agency with strategic and creative responsibility for major brands such as Svenska Spel, Trygg Hansa, Red Bull, Halebop, and Polarbröd. The agency is now taking the next step in its evolution together with Tre Kronor Media, a multiple award-winning media agency in the Nordics. The partnership means that Tre Kronor Media will contribute personnel with media strategy and media planning expertise into Perfect Fools' teams, and provide MarTech and expertise to manage everything related to the purchase and optimization of media.

The challenges that clients face in today's collaborations between advertising agencies and media agencies are numerous and complex. Inefficient and outdated work processes, lack of joint commitment and proactivity, and materials and analyses that are not used effectively. It's time to find a better way to work. Today's marketing directors also face the challenge of navigating a landscape where agencies' expertise is often isolated and separated from each other. This can lead to duplication of efforts, inefficiency, and a lack of shared focus. By building an integrated hybrid agency, Perfect Fools, in collaboration with Tre Kronor Media, will simplify the process for clients, reduce inefficiency, and ensure that all parts of the marketing strategy are coordinated and aimed at the same goal.

To address these challenges, Perfect Fools and Tre Kronor Media will fully integrate media strategy and media planning into brand strategy, planning, idea development, and production. The key to the success of this integrated offering is the composition of integrated teams and processes. A team that does not work in silos and a process to integrate all competencies continuously in projects.

"We believe that the best effect with communication is achieved through a simple recipe; science + wizardry = effect. Science and technology to understand people and know where and how we reach them, and wizardry to create communication that evokes emotions, gets reactions, and creates engagement. Now we are strengthening that formula even more with Tre Kronor's media expertise and cutting-edge within MarTech," says Klas Lusth, CEO of Perfect Fools.

The advantages for clients are clear in simplified and clear communication with only one contact point, faster processes, clear strategies for the brand, efficient production management, ideas and media planning optimized for effect in respective channels, and better follow-ups and analyses that merge today's scattered measurements into one analysis. And not least, a more integrated and data-driven approach that clearly shows the effect of the entire marketing investment. 

"We look forward to assisting Perfect Fools to now build fully integrated teams with our media and digital competencies. Creative content is the hub of successful communication, but today's media noise and fragmented media landscape have made it complex for creativity to find room to maneuver. We want to change that together with Perfect Fools," says Niclas Fröberg, CEO of Tre Kronor Media | a Making Science Company.

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