Kids carry the heavy messages from Cyber Bullying in Friends’ Christmas Campaign

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The Friends Foundation works against bullying in all its forms, and just as winter darkness descends, they highlight online bullying, which otherwise remains hidden in children's phones. The campaign was developed in collaboration with Perfect Fools.

Approaching Christmas, several children act as mobile billboards displaying real messages that have been sent to children on platforms such as TikTok, SnapChat, Messenger, and Roblox. In crowded places, these children showcase the reality that often remains concealed from the adult world.

"Children today carry so much more than one might think. That's the truth. And a lot of it is thanks to social media. Online bullying has completely exploded, and almost every child at some point in their upbringing is subjected to these kinds of offenses. We, as adults, must never stop reminding each other of this," says Lovisa Lönnebo, who is the communications director at Friends.

The campaign is a continuation of Perfect Fools' award-winning Bullying Billboards, where real online bullying was displayed on outdoor screens. But this time, it's the children themselves holding up the screens.

"Working with Friends is an honorable task that's extremely close to my heart. We need to get people to react and take action! If you see a child at T-centralen (central station) displaying such messages, it's hard to remain indifferent. Everyone has a close relationship with a child whom they can easily imagine in that situation," says Desiré Engström, Copywriter at Perfect Fools.

Jeremy Phang, Art Director at Perfect Fools, adds:

"It also becomes clear how lonely many children are in their reality. And that we adults often overestimate how informed we are. That's why it felt especially important to highlight platforms that many adults aren't fully aware of, but where very young children are present, like Roblox."

The outdoor billboards were created in collaboration with Ocean Outdoor. The filmed material is produced by FLX, and the music is by Darwood. Besides the children walking around with the billboards, the campaign will also be visible throughout November and December on Ocean Outdoor's DOOH network across Sweden, as well as on TV, radio, and digital channels.

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