IG Wants to Attract New Traders – Showcases Competitors’ Tools as Toys

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IG, a global trading platform, despite its international ventures, remains relatively unknown in Sweden compared to the Nordic giants. Now, IG, in collaboration with Perfect Fools, is launching a new campaign aimed at attracting traders from competitors and possibly raising a few eyebrows.

IG is well-known for its powerful and advanced trading tools on a global scale. Despite this, the platform is still relatively unfamiliar in Sweden. IG now aims to position itself and attract experienced traders from established giants. A new campaign, which can be interpreted as a nod to the competitors, is being launched these days in collaboration with Perfect Fools. The campaign highlights IG's advanced trading tools by shining the spotlight on the tools of other platforms, showcasing them as literal toys.

"We want to make traders who, out of old habit, stick with the giants, open their eyes to us and our platform. When you are a bit smaller, you simply have to dare a bit more," says Johan Uddenberg, Marketing Manager at IG Sweden.

In three films, we meet a golfer, a sport fisher, and a competitive cyclist who, despite their perceived expertise, try to achieve results with toy tools. Wasted potential, one might think. The films are directed by Isabella Berglund at Bleck Out.

"It has been an incredibly good collaboration. And fun campaign to make! It's refreshing that a client like IG dares to be so straightforward and funny. The trading world is not exactly saturated with humor," says Jeremy Phang at Perfect Fools.

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