Faktum’s real sellers have gotten 109 clones in a new campaign

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Now, Faktum seller Eija and her colleagues have been cloned into 109 versions of themselves. On digital screens throughout Gothenburg and Malmö, Faktum is now being sold by their personal army of sellers. Suddenly, it's possible to be in multiple places and sell multiple newspapers at the same time – to themselves.

The street newspaper Faktum works for a society without homelessness, poverty, and social exclusion by offering help to self-help. In the new campaign, the sellers are cloned for a chance to sell more newspapers for themselves. Purchases are made by scanning the cloned seller's QR code on the screen and paying with Swish. The newspaper then arrives by mail or in an E-edition, just as usual.

For the sellers, the initiative means an additional 109 chances to meet and sell Faktum. For the rest of us, it means just as many chances to impact another person's life. "This is a unique opportunity that both supports the sellers and builds bridges. Hopefully, this leads to more people slowing down to say hello and buy Faktum in the future – long after the sellers' clones have left the city's screens. Buying Faktum is an affirmation of a fellow human's existence, you are part of the fight against poverty," says Louise Granlund, Marketing Manager at Faktum.

The campaign idea was developed by Perfect Fools, which we won the DCC Awards for, and was then implemented through Ocean Outdoors' digital advertising spaces.

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