Anders Eldeman Leads “Stryketkrysset” in New Campaign for Stryktipset

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Melodikrysset, a long-standing and iconic Swedish radio program known for its music-based crossword puzzles, sees its former frontman, Anders Eldeman, making a comeback. He is set to lead Stryketkrysset on Mix Megapol. This program, initiated by Stryktipset, is the perfect warm-up to the Christmas English football season, offering listeners the chance to engage with both their betting slip and crossword simultaneously. The innovative concept is developed by Perfect Fools.

For 26 years, Anders Eldeman was the beloved “Mr. Melodikrysset” for the Swedish audience. His association with this popular program, which blends music trivia with crossword puzzle-solving, made him a household name. Last year marked his final year as a program host, until now. In line with the festive Premier League celebration, Stryketkrysset will be aired with Eldeman returning to the radio, this time alongside Pontus Wernbloom, a former football player with 51 national caps. Stryketkrysset, a brainchild of Stryktipset, will be broadcast on Mix Megapol, with the creative force behind it being Perfect Fools.

“We are thrilled to be involved in this program series. The combination of puzzles, Christmas music, and Stryktipset is a quintessential part of the Swedish Christmas tradition, and this initiative encompasses all of these elements,” says Monica Sandström, brand manager at Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

Three Melodikryss shows (December 23, 26, and 30) will be aired, each featuring 13 questions where pop culture intersects with English football. Stryketkrysset's 13:00 broadcast time allows listeners ample opportunity to mark both their betting slip and crossword well before the betting cutoff at 15:59.

“It's incredibly exciting to create a radio program with Anders Eldeman and Pontus Wernbloom, merging the traditional music crossword experience with the Stryktipset slip marking. Anders' distinctive voice, combined with the festive atmosphere of Stryktipset and Christmas, offers a unique and familiar experience for our audience,” adds Petter Esbjörnsson from Perfect Fools.

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