Oddset is one of Sweden's biggest sports betting brands with a history that stretches 31 years back.

With the ambition to bring the players of Oddset closest to sport, we got help from some of Sweden's greatest sports’ heroes. Because who knows more about sport than former sport professionals? To prove and revive the concept of “The one who knows the most wins the most” (“Den som vet mest vinner mest”), we interviewed our heroes and asked ourselves, what are they really telling us? What does all the different sport terms actually mean? Dead ball? Well you’ll see, we made quite a spin out of it.

Mikael Tellqvist, Ove Kindvall, Mattias Jonsson and Alexander Östlund
So what did we do? We created four films where we interviewed the sport heroes Mikael Tellqvist, Ove Kindvall, Mattias Jonsson and Alexander Östlund. They have kept quiet and avoided the spotlight ever since they put their shoes (or skates) on the shelf. We listened to what they had to share – and took their words literally.

– It’s an honor to take a beloved concept such as" The ones who knows the most wins most” to the next level. With the help of four lovely players who open up, we’ll kick-start the concept. During 2018 we’ll be focusing on activating the concept in a more exciting and unexpected way, says Klas Lusth, Executive Creative Director at Perfect Fools.

Watch all the four films here:
Mikael Tellqvist
Ove Kindvall
Mattias Jonsson
Alexander Östlund