Celebrating heroes who’ve saved lives.

Thanks to private individuals courageous enough to intervene, 14 people are safely rescued by Trygg-Hansa's lifebuoys in Sweden every year. 

In order to highlight the significance of lifebuoys and get more people to act in cases of drowning, Trygg-Hansa and Perfect Fools renamed a number of lifebuoys, usually named after the location where they are placed, after people who used them to save others from drowning.

The purpose of the campaign is to show the importance of lifebuoys and how to use them properly. Therefore Trygg-Hansa's lifebuoys in six different places all over the country, were replaced by new ones named after some of the rescuers at the very location of the incident.

– We’ve set up lifebuoy all over Sweden since 1954 and are constantly working on initiatives that aim to increase safety around water. This time, we chose to highlight the people who’ve made heroic efforts with the hope that more people will dare to act in case of emergency, says Emma Brandt-Johnsson, Marketing Manager at Trygg-Hansa.

In total, eight people in Ängelholm, Västerås, Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Motala and Gislaved got a lifebuoy named after them.

– The lifebuoy is vital, but it doesn’t help if nobody has the courage to use it. Therefore, we want to highlight some of the people who dared to act, hoping that more will do the same if it comes to that. We’re also happy to introduce such an important campaign as our first job for Trygg-Hansa, says Klas Lusth executive creative director of Perfect Fools.

Six life-saving stories documented can be found here.