We welcome Polarbröd to the family of fools

Polarbröd is a family-owned company with roots in Älvsbyn since 1879.

The company is majority-owned by the fifth-generation baker children Karin Bodin and Anna Borgeryd, who runs the business today. During the 44 years of the modern Polarbröd, the company has grown from a small family bakery into Sweden's third largest bread producer.

The communication of Polarbröd has always focused on positive truths about their northern origin and the usability of the products. In connection with choosing a new communications partner, Polarbröd is committed to increase the awareness of their significant sustainability investments through overall brand communication.

– We need a responsive, creative partner with broad expertise in the new landscape of communication. Perfect Fools have showed such strengths and presented suggestions for innovative solutions and new choices of channels that felt right for us, says Anna Borgeryd, Managing Director of the Polarbrödsgruppen.

Our co-operation begins immediately and includes, as a first step, a new communications concept that will incorporate Polarbröds sustainability efforts. The first sprouts of our work will be visible during the first quarter of 2018. Keep your eyes open!