Nearly every day the Swedish national coach Janne Andersson walks from his home on Lidingö to his office at Friends Arena in Stockholm. And every morning he thinks, analyses and plans for this summer’s championships in Russia.

With the insight that every football fan has opinions and knowledge that could potentially make the difference, Perfect Fools together with Oddset gave Sweden’s “amateur team coaches” the opportunity to contribute their personal tips about how Sweden can best win the championship through digital out of home units along the his path to work.

Between May 4th and 11th, the week before Janne Andersson revealed the squad for the championship in Russia, the digital surfaces were updated live via the homepage made by Perfect Fool’s developers.


Before the campaign went live we launched a promo film where we explained the idea and informed the Swedish people.

Many people wanted to share their knowledge and one of them was the former football national coach Tommy Söderberg.

At the end of the campaign we launched a reaction video with Janne where we once again followed him on his long walk to work, but where he now responded and commented on the tips that the Swedish people had submitted through the website.