Summer’s world football championship in Russia is approaching, a championship where Sweden is entering as an underdog. In our latest campaign for Oddset we asked the national midfielder Jimmy Durmaz how Sweden wins the gold.

The campaign is part of "The one who knows the most wins the most," a concept that Perfect Fools released this winter, in which Oddset asks athletes various questions to give their players more knowledge.

In sports you live on hope. Although the odds can be stacked against you, as an athlete you have to believe in yourself and your team. Giants can fall and surprises can occur. In Oddset's latest commercial, this is what Jimmy Durmaz focuses on when he argues for Sweden's chances for gold in this summer's football World Cup in Russia.

The campaign started May 25th, during the hectic weeks before the championship when the temperature began to rise and the expectations grew. Journalists filled the sports pages with analysis, opinions and facts. But is there anyone better to explain how Sweden would go all the way than a player competing in the championship?

– It was flattering to work with Jimmy Durmaz. After several conversations with him, we developed a film that both captures his personality and takes Oddset's advertising one step further, says Klas Lusth, executive creative director at Perfect Fools.