The 23rd of May it was once again time for the global event Portfolio Night created by The One Club for Creativity. This year arranged by Perfect Fools. Nearly 100 students showed their portfolios for the 25 creative directors who participated.

 Like previous years, an "all-star" was announced who will go to New York in August and, together with other winners around the world, solve a brief. The Swedish winner is Kevin Krooks from Berghs School of Communication.

Portfolio Night took place all over the world during the 23rd of May. In Sweden, 25 creative directors gathered from the country's leading agencies and nearly 100 students from Berghs, Hyper Island, Beckmans and Miami Ad School, among others. In each participating country an "all star" was designated, the student who according to all creative directors had the best and most interesting portfolio. This year's winner is Kevin Krooks from Berghs School of Communication.

– It's extremely fun that the experienced CDs have chosen my portfolio as the best one. Additionally, going to the United States and meet and work with other 'All Stars' feels amazing, especially since it’s a common passion that has brought us together, says Kevin Krooks.

Along with the world's other all-stars, Kevin will travel to New York between the 13th and 17th of August. In five days, they will overcome both language and cultural barriers to create successful campaigns, but also connect with each other and with people from The One Club for Creativity.

– We who already work in the industry have an obligation to make it easier for talents from different backgrounds to find a way in. Portfolio Night is a fantastic initiative by The One Club for Creativity that allows students to meet experienced Creative Directors, no matter what school and background you have. We are honored to have been asked to arrange it in Stockholm this year, and I’m also incredibly jealous of Kevin who will try his wings together with other talents from all over the world in New York, says Klas Lusth, executive creative director of Perfect Fools.