To encourage children to spend more time outdoors, we’ve launched the app 'Djur På Tur' (eng: Animals On Tour) with Polarbröd. A mobile game where you collect animals and release them where they belong - in nature.

Fresh air and wide open spaces - it’s well known that it’s good for your health to be outdoors. We also know that people (both children and adults) who spend time in nature are more likely to take better care of it. Research also shows that both heart rate and stress levels decrease when we get out into the wild. At the same time, screen time is increasing among young and old people alike. To encourage families to get back to nature, go for a walk and do outdoor activities, we launched 'Djur På Tur'; A game where you collect and release animals in their natural habitats. I.e. we turned the smartphone into an incentive to get out, instead of an excuse to stay in.

Collect, learn, release
The game is launched by Polarbröd and is free of charge, with the purpose of activating children and young people. It’s a fun motivator for families to explore and spend more time in the Swedish countryside. By downloading the game, snap a photo of the Polarbröd logo on a package, poster or in a store, you’ll get access to a new animal in your app. Once you’ve got your owl or lynx, you’ll first be able to learn about the animal, and then release it. To release an animal, you need to be outdoors in connection with the environment where the animal normally lives. For example, the bear can be released in the forest and the eel in or near a lake. There’s a total of 24 animals to collect, some rarer than others.

The app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.