Turning your mobile phone into the hero instead of the mood killer.

People aged 36-49 are the most dissatisfied with their sex life and many feel that they don’t have sex often enough.

 At the same time, studies have show that the mobile in general and screen time in particular is a contributing factor to the problem. As a part of our new campaign for the pharmacy Kronans Apotek, we’ve launched Lustgeneratorn and Lustnoveller, two digital solutions that reduce the threshold of physical intimacy using the mobile as a tool.

The products have been developed in collaboration with RFSU and aim to raise the frequency of sex and intimacy, as they are both important for our health and well-being. Lustgeneratorn is a digital service that gives you and your partner playful missions sent to you alternately via Facebook Messenger. Lustnoveller consists of three erotic stories about intimate meetings between people written by three different authors. The novels have been written and recorded from two different perspectives played out in each headphone which gets you physically close to your partner while listening.

– Lustgeneratorn and the Lustnoveller are for all who want to try something new with their partner or just want to add excitement or intimacy in their relationship. They also make the mobile phone, so often accused of coming in the way of intimacy and closeness, the tool for both sensualism and desire. It's our latest intimate product, says Anna Skarph, pharmacist and head of business development at Kronans Apotek.

The campaign will run during the summer and can be seen in stores, social media and via RadioPlay. Both Lustgeneratorn and Lustnoveller are free of charge.

– We offer a solution to a problem that many people experience today: too little sex and screen time being a disturbance in the relationship. At the same time, the step of actually buying an intimate product from the shelf can be too big. In that case you can start here, with the mobile as a solution. It’s a great example of how we, as a partner of Kronans Apotek, have come closer in our relationship by not just making advertising campaigns, but also business solutions and product development, says Klas Lusth, executive creative director at Perfect Fools.

You can find both Lustgeneratorn and Lustnovellerna here: https://kronansapotek.se/lustgeneratorn