Think you know ‘The Rules’? Think again.

Single life in Sweden is no longer what it was. Dating apps have turned the tables on the usual rituals of Nordic love.

Heavily influenced by the US, dating is now officially a numbers game, where all the players are reluctant to reveal their hand and their feelings.

And this leaves wannabe lovers with plenty of question marks. Is it ok to cyberstalk your crush before your first date? Do you stop using Tinder when you’re still dating? And perhaps most importantly - when are you officially a bona-fide couple?

This is where TV4 and Perfect Fools come in. We helped launch their new show ‘Single Life’ by deep-diving into the dating habits of Swedish singles in a fully 360 campaign.


We kicked off the campaign with an innovative and interactive survey to get to the bottom of Swedish dating habits.

Found yourself in notorious hook-up spot Stureplan at 3am? Set the record straight once and for all by voting for your favourite way to get some action. Whether it’s over a whiskey and coke at Spy Bar - or in the queue at McDonalds - we don’t judge. Our responsive billboard screen reacts to your vote in live time, casting a bright, colourful light over the Östermalm streets. And if you’re staying in, you can have your say online at

In print and digital outdoor ads we publicised the show and the poll with relatable conversations that we’ve all sent on dating apps. Finally, both social media ads and digital banners invited singletons to get involved in the conversation.

The campaign is live until November 2016 and you can watch the show “Single life” on TV4 Play every Tuesday.