We’re thrilled to announce we were rewarded with a golden egg at Guldäggsgalan for our Peak Performance campaign, Catch Magic Hour.

For the uninitiated, Guldägget (or Golden Eggs) is a yearly awards ceremony devised by the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies, to award the best advertisements in the industry and celebrate creativity. First arranged in 1961, it is Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry.

We’ll leave it to the judges to explain why we were awarded the golden prize:

“Virtual pop-ups and geo-tagging is nothing new, but in this campaign they are woven together in a way that completely captures the essence of the brand. For this fitness brand, logically you can’t be an ambassador unless you’ve earned your right to be one. It nearly makes us want to put on our running tights and get out there to explore the world ourselves! Forget above and below the line. If used correctly, as in this case, technology can take us beyond the line.”

Many thanks to our wonderful client Peak Performance for letting us open up virtual stores with you. You can check out our write-up of the campaign or see the 2016 version in action.