Minnesmolnet (The Memory Cloud) secures your irreplaceable memories.

Since the beginning of the year, Perfect Fools have worked together with Trygg-Hansa on a new communication concept with one ambition in focus; To dispel anxiety (skingra oro). 

As a first real example of the new concept, we’re now launching Minnesmolnet (The Memory Cloud) - a cloud based service where you can preserve your irreplaceable memories.

A survey made by Trygg-Hansa and Novus shows that almost every second Swede is most concerned about losing photographs and other memorabilia in case of accidents in the home.

Home insurance can cover many losses - but can’t of course, replace your most prized memories if they are lost. Therefore, we’re launching Minnesmolnet, a cloud based service where you can save your irreplaceable memories in a digital format. The service has been made possible together with the partner Degoo, a solution where you can save all your memories online.

– Today, we save almost all our photos and documents in different cloud services, but our homes are also full of things that are not included in these services. VHS tapes from our childhood, diaries and photos of old relatives. Minnesmolnet is an easy way to help save the most important things we have at home, it's another kind of home insurance, says Emma Brandt Johnsson, Marketing Manager at Trygg-Hansa.

Minnesmolnet is available to anyone who has or wants to get a home insurance at Trygg-Hansa. On Trygg-Hansas website there are also guides on how to transfer all of your memories to the cloud. In connection with the campaign, we’ve also developed Minneslådan (The Memory Box), a box with all the tools required to digitalise your memories.

– We are proud to present a first outtake of the concept we’ve been working on together with Trygg-Hansa. Minnesmolnet is an example of how we capture an insight and, through digital solutions, create a more comprehensive home insurance, says Klas Lusth, executive creative director of Perfect Fools.

Read more about Minnesmolnet here.