For the launch of the new TV4 show “Mandelmanns gård”, we created a concept around the desire to leave big city life behind for something more sustainable. The show is about the couple Mandelmanns who escape to the countryside in the south of Sweden where they live on what the land can yield.

To get the attention from television reviewers, we put their current living conditions under the spotlight. We sent them direct mails and showed them the kind of living they could get if they sold their apartment in the city.

170105_tv4_Mandelmanns_DR_Kund_V2 kopia

Of course, the difference was noticeable. In most cases they could get a huge house with an abundance of rooms, maybe a forest or a lake, and a whole lot of pigs, hens and cows. All on the same budget as a two bedroom apartment in the city.

The campaign concept was also used for digital banners, digital outdoor ads and social media.