Visit Estonia is now launching the cancellation site, which rewards anyone who dares to cancel their plans. The campaign was developed by Perfect Fools, who ironically had to cancel the communication campaign in the middle of the project.

The travel and tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and the restrictions have naturally made us less spontaneous. With "Cancel your plans", Visit Estonia wants to get Stockholmers to be a bit more spontaneous again. Here, anyone can cancel their usual, old plans in exchange for a slightly less predictable experience in Tallinn.

- Whether you're planning to lie on the couch or meet the in-laws for the first time, you're welcome to cancel your plans at, says Tomas Alexanderson of Visit Estonia.

Work on the campaign started back in February, with completely different conditions. Russia had not yet begun its war with Ukraine, and there was still hope for a peaceful solution.

- When everything changed on 24 February, we obviously had to put the project on hold for a while. Nobody really knew what was going to happen and it was difficult to talk about traveling east, says Klas Lusth, CEO of Perfect Fools.

The work that had been done had to be shelved and a new campaign was developed.

- Of course, it's a challenge when conditions change. But it's also something that we always try to develop and that we have become very good at now: working within a flexible framework and developing the solution that best suits our customer at the time, says Klas Lusth.

The "Cancel your plans" campaign is currently visible on digital screens around Stockholm and in social media. The chance to cancel your plans on and get a spontaneous weekend in Tallinn in return is limited to the next two weekends.