A campaign for  TV4


TV4 is one of Sweden’s largest television channels, offering a mix of news, light entertainment and current affairs programmes. They had found reaching a younger audience a challenge via their linear and traditional channels, and this wanted to bring attention to their digital channel TV4 Play.

We were tasked with launching one of their new and exclusive shows for TV4 Play, named ‘Single Life’ in an advertising campaign. The reality show premiered an entirely new TV format, documenting the adventures of five unknown profiles via self-filmed footage from their mobile phones.

Our main focus for the campaign was that it needed to capture the imagination of a younger audience and broaden interest in TV4 Play. We needed to get the attention of the younger market, cutting through the heavy amount of communication that is already thrown their way. Therefore we knew we needed to make a splash where they hang out and interact. We also wanted to start a real-time conversation - to find out what Single Life was like for the masses, instead of telling them what we thought. After all, the principle behind the show was to find out - unfiltered - exactly what being single in Sweden is like. With that as our inspiration, we just had to bring it to life.

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