Searching for Tottenham




A campaign for  STRYKTIPSET

A campaign for  STRYKTIPSET

We searched for Sweden’s first Tottenham
– and found a Guiseley!

We searched for, and found, football fans willing to prove their support – in their passport.

Swedish fans are passionate about English football. We even found that many Swedes have taken the name of their favorite club. There are Manchesters, Liverpools, Arsenals, many Chelseas… but no Tottenhamns – in all of Sweden!

So we searched for – and kinda found – Sweden’s first Tottenham (the tax authorities are still not convinced that it’s ok to change name to Tottenham). 

Swedes love for English football is closely tied to Stryktipset, Sweden’s oldest and most popular betting pool. A love sometimes expressed in weird and wonderful ways.

So we decided to find those prepared to prove their support – in their passport.

Some fans had already taken their club’s name, so we used their stories to fuel the engagement of Swedes everywhere – and to find the only one in the top six missing: Tottenham.

The campaign also convinced a hundred other fans to add their favorite club’s name to their own (one guy even took the name of Guiseley from the sixth tier of english football!), while giving many thousands more something to talk about at the water coolers. The campaign managed to reflame Sweden’s interest in the english football season, while making Stryktipset get closer to its core audience: the hardcore fans of english football.

Stryktipset is Sweden’s oldest and most popular betting pool. Every Saturday, anyone participating in the pool have a shot at betting on 13 games from the English football leagues.

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