The Lust Generator 

The Lust Generator 

A campaign for  KRONANS APOTEK

A campaign for

One message away from a better sexlife.

Studies show that screen time, especially mobile usage, is a major contributing factor to that we don’t feel appreciated in our relationships. Swedes aged 36-49 are most dissatisfied with their sex life. Many feel that they have sex too seldom.We created an innovative digital solution for those who want to try something new with their partner.

A messaging bot where you and your partner alternately get erotic challenges, some provocative, other more light hearted, and where the mobile phone, which is often accused of coming in the way of intimacy and closeness, instead becomes a tool for sensualism and pleasure.

Perfect Fools

Torsgatan 2
11123 Stockholm

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Klas Lusth (CEO)

Ann Ystén (CEO)