För full av kärlek

Take care, wherever
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A campaign for IQ-initiativet

A campaign for  IQ-initiativet

Too drunk of love

Holiday dreams and hangovers 

Finding love is hard. But if you drink a little, it gets a little bit easier...before it gets a whole lot harder. But if at first it gets easier, it’s no wonder that it feels like sparks will fly if you get pissed. Or that it might be easier to enter someone’s heart when it’s hard to even walk straight. It’s obviously a contradiction. But it does feel that way. And it’s no wonder then, that it’s easy to get too drunk of love.

In our latest work together with IQ we use the swedish holiday dream as fuel – that fraudulent image of the perfect vacation that we create and maintain together. It might have started with typical holiday ads, but today we are all complicit. We snap pictures into our feed and our stories. Perfectly wrinkled shirts, perfectly empty beaches. We aim the camera, adjusts and edits. 

We show the frozen strawberry daiquiri, but maybe not every beer, every sip of wine, the shots at 03:42. We edit out fights, vomits, and that stupid thing we said to the waiter. In the dream holiday the consequences of alcohol are rarely given any thought. But thought they need – at least if we want to be better at taking care of ourselves and those around us.


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