The book of Swedish Flatbread

The book of Swedish Thin Bread



We told the Swedes the history of Flatbread

Every second Saturday in May, the Flatbread Day is celebrated in Sweden. This year, the Flatbread Academy released a book with the purpose of informing and telling the story of the bread that we in Sweden, and the entire world, have baked for hundreds of years. To tell the story, we did several PR activities to maximize the launch in different channels, without any paid media.

By using all the different bakers mentioned in the book as local influencers and spokespersons, arranging local press events and pinpointing micro influencers from all over Sweden specialized in culinary and food, we told the Swedes the story about the Flatbread.



For long lead media specialized in food we did a press lunch together with a small local bakery in Stockholm. The choice of our collaboration partner, the baker Stefan at Lillebrors bageri, a well known and trendy bakery within the food society of Stockholm. We used him as a spokesperson to get the nisched media interested. We invited all the big magazines and gave them exclusive recipes made by our baker, photos and his story about the bread combined with the author's perspective on the bread as a modern delicacy with a rich history.

To reach out nationally we also portrayed all the different bakers that were mentioned in the book, we used them as local influencers and spokespersons, and informed local media of their presence in the book and how the Flatbread Day would be celebrated in their local area.

Last but not least we pinpointed 10 so called micro influencers (with 2-10 000 followers) specialized in culinary and food from all over the country. Even though they have a smaller  amount of followers, their followers are a lot more nisched and devoted.

With the budget for the project we didn’t have the opportunity to make any paid collaborations with bigger influencers, therefore we put time and effort to make specialized and personal kits to our micro influencers containing the book, inspirational recipes and personal notes encouraging them to share their personal take on Flatbread during the Flatbread Day.

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As a result, we managed to get all the biggest food magazines to our press lunch and almost 50 articles in local newspapers about their local bakers celebrating the Flatbread Day. We got our authors to speak on both national radio and local TV. And last but not least, all our ten selected micro influencers shared several posts of the book and their own recipes made with Flatbread.

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