Friends has been fighting for a world free of bullying for over 25 years, yet new statistics show worrying results. The numbers show that it’s twice as common to experience bullying today compared to the last time the survey was made, and in Sweden there are currently three children in every class who are victims of bullying. And as bullying increases, so do the need for the adult world to do more – which the anniversary film The Conversation highlights. The message? Always listen and act, no matter who you are or who the child is.

Nayeli Kremb, Creative Director at Perfect Fools, has been working on the project since last spring and says that the challenge has largely been about the balance between despair and hope. The goal was to make people really feel and acknowledge the problem, without telling a story so dark that it would lead to people turning a blind eye.

The commemorative film will be shown in the cinemas of Filmstaden throughout the year. It’s produced by Perfect Fools in collaboration with Slutet är nära, and the Friends Foundation has been providing important knowledge and presence throughout the process.

- Many children only try to tell their story once, a fact that really shook us. The first time may be the last chance to listen. So we decided to dramatise that critical moment, a moment the whole adult world needs to prepare for, says Klara Hedberg, one of the creators behind the film.

Friends want to underline that the work for children's rights is of utmost relevance.

- Friends' surveys clearly show that bullying is a social problem that we must take seriously, and the need for our work is greater than ever. At Friends, we work every day to share tools, spread knowledge and influence those responsible for keeping children safe. Friends strive for a world without bullying, which means everyone must join the fight – from the government to you as an individual. But it’s not always easy to have those difficult conversations with children, which is why we also launched the Friends Knowledge Bank with a lot of practical tips about how you can take action, says Maja Frankel, Secretary General of the Friends Foundation.