Ann Ystén has decided to leave the firm and will be succeeded by Klas Lusth, former Executive Creative Director.

Ann, why have you decided to leave Perfect Fools?
I have been at Perfect Fools for 7 years and my mission when I joined in 2015 was to transform the agency from a digital production agency to a full service agency. That mission was completed in 2019 and then came a pandemic. Now I've decided that the time is right for me to move on and right for Perfect Fools to get a new captain.

What's next for you?
I don't know yet. It felt wrong for me to apply for a job as sitting CEO so that process is starting now. Maybe a new CEO role in a competence based company or any leading role within marketing. Time will tell. I feel that Perfect Fools is in safe hands with Klas because we have many years together and he has my full confidence.

Perfect Fools celebrated its 20th anniversary on the first of April, and has gone through various phases over the years. From being part of the Swedish “digital wonder” in the 00's with offices in New York, Amsterdam and Stockholm to becoming an established full service agency. Today, Perfect Fools is the lead agency for some of the most famous brands in Sweden, such as Svenska Spel, Trygg Hansa, Polarbröd and Red Bull. Perfect Fools also does project-based innovation, design and communication projects for e.g. SVT, Visit Estonia, Stim and various startups.

Klas, what happens now?
I will run Perfect Fools with a clear focus on what I’ve always been passionate about; creativity, a curiosity about people and solving challenges in new ways. To me, Perfect Fools has always been about a hunger to turn every stone to solve a task, and when we don’t have the tool to turn that stone, we invent it. I want Perfect Fools to be a magnet for attracting creative “wild brains” to, and around it. After two heavy pandemic years I'm looking forward to going with full speed and challenging the industry, the status quo, and clients even more. I have a strong team with me and can’t remember the last time I was so energised by a task.

Klas Lusth will take up his position immediately. Nayeli Kremb will have an expanded responsibility as Creative Director and lead the creative department, where Desiré Engström and Jeremy Phang recently joined.

For questions, please contact Klas Lusth:
+46 73 503 37 66