This spring, a football experience out of the ordinary will be on the menu when Europatipset opens a pop-up restaurant and invites you to a Sunday hangout with football profiles and top-class fixtures. Restaurant Tretton Rätter by Europatipset in partnership with Gastrotek Zink in Stockholm opens on Sunday 10 April.

On Sunday 10 April, Europatipset open its doors to a football experience in a wholly different league – the football-themed gourmet restaurant Tretton Rätter. On the menu you’ll find not only Europe's hottest matches, but also an equally hot 13-course tasting menu inspired by the best from Spanish, French, Italian, German and English cuisine. The menu is created by Olivier Garcia, chef at Gastrotek Zink, who in collaboration with Europatipset give the expression “sports bar” and the concept of a football Sunday a new definition.

- When the opportunity to do something this unique came up, we accepted immediately. I can promise that we will offer the best of Europe. It's a mix of the different

cuisines with the best from each country. A bit like what Europtipset does with football. [It’s been] incredibly fun to combine this into a 13-course menu, Olivier Garcia says.

In addition to great food and football, Tretton Rätter will also feature football profiles and experts who, together with host Isak Dahlin, will talk about one of each Sunday's matches from interesting and exciting angles. Among the profiles appearing are former referee Jonas Eriksson and former professional footballer Marcus Allbäck, both with extensive experience of top European football from different perspectives.

- The space where a brand can be visible and relevant for football fans is harshly contended and narrow, so it’s important to find a way to reach people on a socially and culturally deep level. I hope that as many football fans as possible take the opportunity to experience a Sunday like this, and that those who can't attend will be jealous. It’s brand building through FOMO, says Klas Lusth, Executive Creative Director, Perfect Fools.

The idea (or dream, rather) is that restaurant Tretton Rätter will raise the whole day to the same level as the football that is played in connection to Europatipset on Sundays.

- We saw an opportunity to illustrate the breadth and depth of Europatipset through European cuisine. We offer the best Europe has to offer, both in terms of food

and football. Sundays are often packed with top football from all over Europe. But you

also have to eat, and we found it interesting to combine these two worlds into the ultimate football experience, says Victor Kalda, PR Project Manager, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

Restaurant Tretton Rätter can be found at Gastrotek Zink on Grev Turegatan 20 in Stockholm on Sundays starting Sunday 10 April.

Reservations can be made at and cost SEK 1130. This includes a 13-course tasting menu and Europe's hottest matches, as well as networking and question time with football experts before a selected match.