Sweat included


Urbanears is an established headphone brand in its native market, Scandinavia, and an emerging player on the international market. With the release of their Active range, Urbanears was looking to not only raise awareness in its emerging international markets (US, UK, DE and FR) but also to challenge the expectations of its audience, abroad and at home. The Active range is a sports oriented product for a consumer who cares about fashion.


In the US (one of our key markets) activewear grew 7%— a stunning number compared to apparel, which only grew 1%. Our competitors tend to focus on performance for athletes, but our audience are also looking for fashion and function. Instead of leaning on sentiment aimed at athletes, we needed to convey a story where fun met function. A world not couched in stats or performance, but instead celebrating the joy of working up a sweat. Something that all our consumers could identify with.


There are many sports headphones out there, and it takes a lot to stand out. We put the spotlight on the one product benefit of the Active range that competitors don't focus on – sweat resistance. Anyone who works out, regardless of their level of fitness, can relate to sweat.

We wanted to celebrate the Urbanears Active’s sweat-proofness by creating the ‘Limited Sweat Edition.’ Each unique pair of headphones was worn by one of seven popular personalities for their workout, and after being drenched in sweat, were sold to one lucky fan.

The Influencers

We enlisted the help of these seven individuals to build up a sweat in a pair of Active headphones, to post about it online, and let us sell their sweaty headphones in an online popup store.

We picked ambassadors from different fields, from running crew leaders to crowd-packing musicians and fashion models, to reach our target audience in US, UK, DE, FR and the Nordics. Together the influencers represented the cultural intersections of this new product.

The Ultimate Test

For the ultimate demonstration we took the influencers to the blistering heat of the Mojave Desert in California. Here we asked our panel of seven to put the headphones’ sweat-proofness to the test by doing their favourite workout in one of warmest places on earth.

The Store

We staggered the release of each pair of headphones over the summer. Every 4 days, one of the 7 pairs of the limited edition headphones appeared in the online pop-up store.

The site also featured the story behind the sweat with visuals and info on each workout. 



The campaign garnered awareness in all target markets: US, UK, DE, FR and the Nordics; and in all target segments: fashion, music, and sports.

440 Million


$5.1 Million 

of earned media


in earned media for every dollar invested

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