Brand Campaign


Ever since the monopoly market was deregulated in 2009, Swedish pharmacies have struggled to differentiate themselves in an ever-crowded market. Clear messaging and a strong stance within the market is always key to business success, yet many struggles with clarity and a unique proposition. For the consumer, the geographical location of the pharmacy is far more important than brand loyalty, with many consumers forgetting where they’d visited within moments of leaving. Kronan came to us wanting that to change.



According to our research, consumers felt other pharmacies communicated in a very paternalistic manner - with rigid instructions and very little room for dialog. And of course, we are all multi-faceted people with individual needs rather than broad target groups that fit neatly into a spreadsheet. By talking generally about personal health issues and challenges, consumers felt alienated - and even guilty - that they did not live up to a supposed ideal of health. By communicating that Kronan’s Apotek was a pharmacy where you would feel comfortable discussing all your shortcomings, we would create an attractive and memorable proposition.

If everyone was perfect, there would be no need for pharmacies

The creative idea

Our insight was: “if everyone was perfect, there would be no need for pharmacies”. We are all human beings, with different strengths, weaknesses and even sides of ourselves we are less proud of. Nobody is perfect and that is totally normal - perhaps even something to be celebrated.


A new brand platform was created with the concept ‘Honour all your sides’ (Ära alla dina sidor). We created a new brand design and rolled out the new brand in all channels where the different sides and imperfections were celebrated. A longer film was created for traditional linear tv and online pre-rolls, shorter versions for Facebook and Instagram pushed the brand message and connected to product offerings. Every month new sides of our lives are celebrated; vanity, happiness, sexuality, aging etc.


We managed to carve out a unique brand position for Kronan's pharmacy in a rigid and paternalistic industry, with a human touch and communicating emotional values.

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