Marketing gaming in a regulated environment


Casumo are an online casino from Finland, who live to Erase Boredom. Their bright brand identity and focus on playful, healthy gambling never fails to raise a smile. 

We needed to increase awareness of their brand in a way that lived and breathed Casumo magic. But due to industry regulations, we could not do this through traditional channels. How could we advertise this online casino in a way that complied with legal standards?


Casumo are the enemy of boredom. So we asked Finns what they found most dull in their lives, so we could stamp it out - for good.

The results were rather surprising. According to the Finns themselves, Finland is the most boring country. In the world! So, true to the Casumo brand promise, we just had to do something about it.

We made a site to feed fun content to the Finns - ( if you’re Finnish) - and we ensured each piece of content transformed Finnish things from dull to darling. In this way, Casumo made Finland a fun place to be once more! 

We created a hub of viral content to erase boredom all over Finland


Everyone needs to laugh. So we made a site to feed fun content to Finns. (or Erase Boredom in English) was totally responsive and even showed a Finnish happiness metre. To make the initiative famous, we chose the things Finns found most boring and made content about erasing them - forever.

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Vanilla Ice calling Finland

Vanilla ice cream was voted Finland’s most boring ice-cream flavour in a consumer survey. In the film, we try to rehabilitate its reputation. So, we set up a Vanilla Ice ”stream” for a group of vanilla hating Finns to raise awareness of the online casino brand Casumo and its brand mission to “erase boredom” in Finland.

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Epic Banana Flip

Epic Banana Flip is a game designed to raise a smile and position the online casino Casumo as Finland’s top entertainment destination in line with their brand mission: Erase boredom. The game and promotion video take their cue from research which reveals that Finns think bananas are the most boring fruit. So, we’ve ”gathered” all Finland’s bananas together on one website and asked Finns to flip them all to smile.

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Casumo were thrilled with our efforts to stamp out boredom across the whole of Finland. We hope the Finns were too.


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happy bananas

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