For almost a year now we’ve been working on a new brand strategy together with Polarbröd, and we’re happy to finally share the results! 

Under the new concept “Gör världen lite godare” (Make the world a little better/tastier) we present a new brand film and campaign “Det är en dag imorgon också“ (There’s a day after tomorrow) which takes you through Polarbröd’s long-term journey to make their bakeries, ingredients, packaging and transportation completely sustainable.

– People want to know more about what companies actually do in the area of sustainability. We work long-term towards full sustainability and invest a lot in this area. It feels great to finally communicate to broader audiences what we actually do to reach these goals, says Anders E Johansson, CEO of Polarbröd.

In connection to the campaign, Polarbröd also signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the Olympic gold medalist and cross country skier Charlotte Kalla. In addition to sustainability, Polarbröd works on a number of initiatives to bring children and families out to experience nature, something Charlotte Kalla becomes a natural part of. Charlotte is also the voice over in the new film.

We’re proud and honored to work with companies who truly make the world a better place. Have a look at the new film here and keep your eyes open for more work to come!