We just can’t get enough of Melodifestivalen. But who can these days, right? Tallink Silja, being a Melodifestivalen sponsor this year, asked us to help them activate their sponsorship in a new innovative way.

Melodifestivalen knowledge is almost a part of the Swedish general education. During the six weeks that the festival is on the Swedes are very engaged. We are world known for this. We just can’t get enough of our Mello festival. 3,5 million people see it every year which makes it a huge social event – most often we collect a bunch of friends and watch the shows together.

To create some buzz around the sponsorship and reach out to the fans of Melodifestivalen we want to own the pre party occasion around the event. So we’ve created an online social quiz with a whole lot of questions around Melodifestivalen through the years. You play with your friends by answering individually on your phones, and are connected as a group with a code on a website. You compete against each other in who knows the most, and who clicks one of the four answer alternatives the fastest.

You can also compete against celebrities as Therese Lindgren, Daniel Paris, Mat-Geek, Magdalena Graaf, Lucas Simonsson and Calle Schulman. Both in the quiz, but also live on Saturdays in their social channels.

Every week we pick winners that can win tickets to the final of Melodifestivalen and cruises with Tallink Silja. The quiz can be found at www.silja.se/quiz for the ones that are excited to beat a celebrity or two in Mello knowledge.