We’re kicking off the new year with some new faces at the office! Say hello to Maria Lundvall, our new Head of Accounts, our two new Designers Marc Scherlin and Antonino Ognissanti, and the Producer Michael Davinder.

Maria has solid experience from the industry, coming from NORD DDB and the role as Business Director and Head of Account Managers where she was responsible for clients like Husqvarna, Scan, Willys and ACO. Since Maria’s a dedicated runner, she’ll also be responsible for Perfect Fools Running Club from now on. Her comment about joining the fools:

– Perfect Fools is a future agency with an offer based on innovation and creativity. It’s an agency going places, which is reflected in the win of several new and exciting clients. That, together with an incredibly talented group of people and a strong culture attracted me to join, says Maria Lundvall.

Marc has a background as Designer and Art Director, latest at The World Loves, working with Swish, RFSU and the Weight Watchers. Besides his design skills, he’s got a great interest in food, animals and the nature. Antonino joins from Wunderman Nordic where he worked with Telenor, Bredbandsbolaget, SAS, Microsoft and HBO. Outside the office he enjoys spending hours in the kitchen. Michael joins from Isobar where he worked with Huawei, the Betsson Group and Procter & Gamble, but what you probably didn’t know about Michael is that he also spends his evenings training martial arts. What a gang!

Welcome to Perfect Fools!