Helsingin Sanomat: Emotion Cube

January 11th, 2013, Latest work

People react to news, and what’s good news to one person, might be upsetting the next. On Kamppi Square, Helsinki, journalism is turning into art with an interactive experience – the ‘Emotion Cube’ – that reflects these feelings with pulsating, colored light. Created by hasan & partners and produced by Perfect Fools for Scandinavia’s largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, the Cube is part of a campaign designed to remind readers about the power of journalism to generate an emotional response.

By sharing their feelings via web or mobile, the combined mood of readers will be translated into one of eight emotions, each of which makes the Cube pulsate in a specific color, while the emotion’s written word is glowing from within the Cube. The 4 meter high Cube is constructed from milky plexiglass, and powered by 200,000 lumens worth of light – well enough to lighten up the feelings of passers-by in the dark Scandinavian winter.

See a live stream on the campaign site (in Finnish. Click the top button to get to the stream.)