We’re delighted to share our first campaign in a series of collaborations with Swedish pharmacy Kronans Apotek.

We were tasked with breaking away from the homogenous feel of high-street competitors and creating a brand promise that really resonated with modern Swedes.

You don’t need to walk very far on the high-street to find a pharmacy. This extremely crowded and competitive market is thriving - no doubt in large part to a Swedish focus on health consciousness and wellness.

But marketing often leans on the clinical and serious; often veering into degrees of perfectionism and ‘finger-wagging’. And in the age of mindful living, mental health awareness and a general shift towards self acceptance, we felt that was misguided.

Our answer is our new campaign named ‘Ära alla dina sidor’ (loosely translated to ‘embrace every side of you’ in English) As a pharmacy, Kronan promise to understand all your characteristics and habits - even the seemingly negative qualities.

“As a pharmacy we want to stand up for being exactly as you are, a complete human with many different sides” says Emelie Friis, Marketing Director at Kronans Apotek. “You don’t have to be perfect all the time. We want to highlight the multifaceted parts of every person. We all have both good – and bad sides, that we might not be as proud to show.” Like vanity, for example.

Our first campaign actually champions making ‘Time For Vanity’. Working with three Swedish household names - celebrated actress Marie Göranzon, anchorman Nassim Al Fakir and blogger Elsa Billgren - we asked them to give their honest opinion of the topic of vanity and what it really means to them.

We also conducted our own survey alongside social insight agency Sifo, named the ‘Vanity Report’. With the talking points raised by our influencers becoming discussion on social media, and the insights revealed by the survey, we created a base of extended discussion that generated PR and hundreds of social media impressions for Kronans Apotek.

“We needed to start a debate to champion vanity as a positive quality” says Klas Lusth, Creative Director at Perfect Fools. “To be able to work with three so very bright, interesting and inspiring people was perfect for the debate we wanted to start. Marie, Elsa and Nassim put 110% into this and we’re particularly thrilled as this is Marie Göranzon’s first ever commercial collaboration during her whole long and successful career. What an honour!”

You can catch Time For Vanity on social media, online and TV4 now.