As summer’s approaching parents need to think a little extra about their kids’ sun protection. The sun is not only dangerous in connection with sunbathing and beach activities but also in everyday situations like on the schoolyard. Therefore we developed the campaign ‘Barnleksrapporten’ together with Kronans Apotek.

Through a unique server solution, we generate personal and local weather reports online where children act as presenters.

At preschool, the staff help children to apply sunblock during the summer but when the real school begins, this responsibility is transferred entirely to the parents. The purpose of ‘Barnleksrapporten’ is to remind parents that exposure to the sun is just as prevalent on schoolyard as on the beach, and therefore they should remember to protect their children before going to school every day.

In ‘Barnleksrapporten’, Kronans Apotek let children tell us what the weather is like in the form of local weather reports on Facebook and Instagram. Weather reports that become relevant to the user through purchased targeted ads dynamically created based on location and weather. A unique server solution created by Perfect Fools with filmed weather reports.

– ’Barnleksrapporten’ is an example of how to take communication one step further and create real consumer benefits. The technology behind the campaign allows us to stay current and highly targeted.It's great that Kronans Apotek continues to dare and let us create communication that stands out and where we can utilise our technology and innovation skills, says Klas Lusth, executive creative director at Perfect Fools.

The weather reports can be seen from May 15th and will be delivered daily until June 26th.