We’d like to welcome Björn Wigenius and Maria Elmqvist to our foolish office in Stockholm.

Sushi-averse Björn is a superstar Copywriter who can solve a Rubik’s cube - but has yet to crack the code to successfully network at parties. A budding theorist, he thinks (spoiler alert) that Rey is a Skywalker, much to the chagrin of the author of this bio. As a Hammarby fan, he has a high tolerance for disappointment and a low threshold for joy, which may also explain why he likes the music of Katy Perry. Björn has one life motto - don’t be a jerk - which has served him well at his previous agency Pool and now continues to endear him to us here at Perfect Fools.

Culture-vulture Maria is Strategist, who has moved from our Amsterdam office to Stockholm - back to her home turf of Sweden. The youngest of five half-siblings, she loves to go home in Marstrand and go boat-hiking around the islands near Gothenburg. Involved with musical theatre since very small, she has yet to be cast as the role of 'Maria' in The Sound of Music (are you listening, Stockholm theatre directors?) but has starred in many ensembles across Sweden. Despite her cat allergy, her wonderful brand of optimism and peculiarity make her a great fit for us here at Perfect Fools.