Say hello to Freska! The latest addition to our fantastic list of clients.

Freska is one of the fastest growing companies in home services in the Nordic region with an estimated net sales of EUR 10 million this year. With a long-term vision of changing the cleaning industry with the help of digitization and human values, Freska now wants to develop their communication and branding platform.

Freska was founded in Helsinki in 2015 and has since expanded into both Norway and Sweden with a total of just over 100,000 cleaners. With a focus on digital development, Freska offers a wide range of cleaning services. The goal is to grow as the largest and most successful provider of home services in the Nordic countries. In our new partnership, Perfect Fools will be responsible for the new brand platform and our sister agency Hasan Communications will be their partner on the local Finnish market. Exciting times!

The collaboration begins immediately and will be based on Freskas company vision: to revolutionize the cleaning industry through innovation and technology, high quality and by establishing the pride in the profession.

A big welcome to Perfect Fools, we’re looking forward to do great things together!