We welcome two new fools at the office: a doctor and an architect.

We’re proud to announce that Antti Vassinen and Justin Colavita have joined Perfect Fools to broaden and sharpen our Media and Data business.Antti takes on the role as Media and Data Director while Justin is our new Campaign Architect.

Antti has a PhD in Strategic Marketing and Marketing Performance from Aalto University School of Economics. He has worked within the Omnicom Media Group for several years and has a background as Head of Marketing Science at Annalect in Finland. As Media and Data Director, Antti will help clients build marketing and media strategy on top of effective data use and smart measurement, both long term and for particular campaigns.

Antti knows the ins and outs of data use in marketing, advanced analytics, KPIs and ROIs, and getting organizations to use them in data-driven planning and decision-making. This combination of practical marketing management experience with deep theoretical understanding lets us all be better informed.

– It’s important to know what you like, but that should play zero part in making decisions about your marketing strategy. I’m here to help people get over their gut feelings and heritage planning - and take a deep look at what they actually want for their organization, says Antti.

Justin has a background as Communications Designer at Initiative, a Media Agency, part of IPG, in New York City. As Campaign Architect, he will use his expertise to craft media plans that effectively combine and synchronize owned, bought and earned channels, making sure that every building block of the marketing investment is used with relevance and efficiency and campaigns reach their full potential. Or, as Justin puts it:

– I’m kind of like Tinder. Where I hook up brands with the right person, except no one gets laid. Unless the campaign is about getting laid. Then people are definitely getting laid.