It all comes alive when Halebop and Perfect Fools put their heads together.

A huge welcome to the latest addition to the Fools’ family: Halebop!

 Our collaboration with the Swedish mobile operator took off this spring, and the first joint effort can be seen in the summer campaign: Guilty pleasures. The songs we secretly love and loop when no one’s listening. Our guilty pleasures. The ones we dance to when no can see. We thought it was time to stand up for our lousy taste and crappy coordination. Time to celebrate ‘ugly’ dancing. And so we did. The campaign contained a physical activation that toured the country at festivals and clubs. The more intense and silly you danced in front of it, the higher score and prizes you got. We also stored gif-animations of customers’ dancing that were later used in social. We created a playlist with guilty pleasures and on the demand of the consumers, we released the soundtrack for our TVC. The message of the campaign was clear: stand up for who you are and reveal yourself to the world!

– It was a true match, Halebop is a modern challenger just like us. As with all our partners, we share the ambition of integrating popular culture, trends and new ways of communicating in everything we do. Now we’re looking forward to continue to develop and renew the communication with Halebop, says Ann Ystén, CEO of Perfect Fools.

A warm welcome to Perfect Fools, we look forward to create more magic together!