In Sweden there are over 750,000 ‘Stryktippare’ (people betting on english football with Stryktipset) in a wide range of ages. Everyone with their own experiences of the English football. In our new campaign for Stryktipset we focused on the differences between the generations together with the strong mutual love for the sport!

The love for English football takes different expressions. When some talk about Paul Gascoigne, someone else talks about Paul Scholes. Some read the text television and others review every English football tweet. One listens to the Beatles, the other on Dizzee Rascal. Some use the app and some still visit their local agent. In the context of the concept "See you on Saturday" we prove that the love of English football can look very different for different generations of ‘Stryktippare’.

– Ever since Tipsextra was broadcasted for the first time about 50 years ago, the Swedes have had a special relationship with English football and Stryktipset. A love that takes on different expressions but that passes over generations, says Monica Sandström, Communications Manager Stryktipset.

During the season you’ll be able to follow some ‘Stryktippare’ who, despite their differences, share the love of Stryktipset and English football.

Generationstestet (The generation test)

To prove that our gamblers have more in common than they might believe, we launched Generationstestet (The generation test). A test of 13 1X2 questions which generates a mental football age and places you in 1 of 8 generations. The test is available at
How old are you really?